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Category Direction - Audit Reports

Last Reviewed: 2020-03-20

Audit Reports

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Organizations who operate in regulated industries have an obligation to report on their compliance. This often times manifests as obtaining evidence artifacts such as logs, configurations, access lists, and more. Within GitLab, Audit Reports should be easily accessible and provide the necessary information for an internal or external auditor to review.

Problem to solve

GitLab is used by people with specific job functions and objectives. Day to day, people want to focus on the work they need to get done as part of their primary job responsibilities. The additional workload that comes with audit reports is burdensome and not something people want to do, particularly if it adds additional hours of work to their plate. Extracting audit reports from GitLab to serve as evidence artifacts should be fast and easy.

Our approach

Comprehensive Audit Reports are necessary to satisfy the needs of an organization managing a compliance program. Towards this end, we'll be working on building reports that set a baseline for each major area of GitLab.

The first four areas of focus will be: access, activity, code deploys, and deployment pipelines.

These reports will evolve over time to ensure they meet the needs of our customers' varying compliance program requirements.


Audit Reports is currently in the planned state. GitLab does not currently provide features that allow for easy export of important data that could specifically serve as evidence artifacts for a compliance program.

Achieving a minimal state for Audit Reports means providing at least one basic report that users can retrieve. We believe this could be a csv export of all audit events for a self-managed instance. This can provide a necessary evidence artifact and empower customers to parse through the data in more ways.

Advancing Audit Reports to the viable state requires additional export options that solve additional problems around audit reporting. These reports could be things like:

What's Next & Why

We'll be adding an option to export audit events to csv for self-managed administrators. This feature will move Audit Reports into the minimal state and provide a baseline for exporting other important audit data from GitLab.

How you can help

This vision is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute: