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Automating Kubernetes deployments

Commit to scalability with GitLab and Google Cloud Platform

July 24, 8:30 am PT/ 3:30 pm UTC

Kubernetes abstracts and simplifies many aspects of configuring and scaling infrastructure, but still requires DevOps. Traditionally, building CI/CD pipelines to correctly deploy to Kubernetes clusters is a time-consuming process.

Join our live webcast on July 24th to discover a more automated solution. You will learn how to spin up development environments in just a few clicks with GitLab’s built-in container registry and robust Google Kubernetes integration.

We will demonstrate:

  • GitLab’s AutoDevOps behind-the-scenes pipeline
  • How to customize the pipelines
  • How reusable code snippets will simplify your build process
  • How the GitLab GKE integration simplifies the process of setting up and deploying to a Kubernetes cluster

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